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Indira and Surith Wedding

March 31, 2007

Indira and Surith celebrated their wedding surrounded by close family and friends in an intimate ceremony at San Francisco City Hall.

These are some of my favorites

Caught them coming out of the elevator

What better way to celebrate than with pizza from Pauline’s Pizza.

She’s an up and coming future photographer

Cynthia and Robert got married at Treasure Island on Saint Patricks day. The weather was perfect, the view from across the bay was magnificent, and the wedding was very touching.

Here are some of my favorites.

Robert’s mom making sure his hair is perfect for his big day.

Writing a little note to Cynthia

To prove his love to Cynthia, Robert must dress as Mickey Mouse and sing. (He chose to sing Mario’s Just A Friend)

Cynthia’s was very impressed

After all the fun and games it’s time to get married

Some fun pictures

Mirror image not really Robert is a twin. This is his older brother Michael.