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Abellera Family

December 18, 2007

I have known Sue for many years, and was thrilled when she ask me to take her family photos. I was a little worried about the weather because it was raining the night before, but when I arrived the rain stopped, and we had this nice overcast sky which created the perfect lighting.

This was in their backyard. I wish my backyard was as nice. 🙂

Katlin the youngest is learning how to ride a tricycle, and Rachel just learned how to ride a bike. So she zips right by her little sis.

“Can I borrow 25 cents ?” Is the beginning of how Rhiana and Jonathan met. This was definitely the most interesting story I have heard. They are such a wonderful couple, so relaxed and up for anything on their wedding day.

Jonathan had to sign a marriage contract before he could pick her up on their wedding day.

Checking out her cool shoes.

Rhiana and Jonathan both had matching shoes !!! How cool is that.

They met at De Anza College in front of an ATM machine. The ATM machine is no longer there but we had to take a photo of where it all began.