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Anya and Neel Ten Month

October 28, 2008

The last time I photographed Anya and Neel they were only three months old. Recently I was invited back to photograph them at ten month. They sure have grown up since last time. Anya and Neel were sitting up, crawling all over the place each in different directions and putting everything in their mouths. Their parents sure had a lot of energy chasing them around.

Neel is running interference for Anya.

Jennifer and Darren Wedding

October 14, 2008

Jennifer and Darren got married on the luckiest day of the year on August 8, 2008 at San Jose City Hall. Two months later, I was invited to help them capture the celebration with their family and friends. Jennifer and Darren had a traditional tea ceremony to honor their parents and relatives. Check out all those red envelopes!

We were able to take some beautiful pictures at the Japanese Friendship Garden. It was the perfect romantic backdrop for Jennifer and Darren’s wedding pictures. And the umbrellas were a great accent (perfect for blocking the rain that came later)!

I had a great time hanging out with Kerry and Jeff on their wedding day. They got married at the Mission in San Rafael and had their reception at Saint Vincent. Kerry looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. Did I mention she is a very talented makeup artist too. The wedding party and guests were so much fun. During the dancing one of the guest got up mooned the crowd. Congratulations Kerry and Jeff. Hope you have a great time in Mexico.